Friday, September 21, 2007

Veggies Galore

Slip Point's Scott Alan brought in veggies from his Startup garden in eastern Washington, and distributed them in the area, including at the gallery.
Terry and Jane Hielman are organizing a co-op and buyer's club at the gallery. Four stock members ($150.00) provide a base for buying new products.
Future deliveries will be from an organic produce and food company that allows group orders as low as $40.00. Co-op members do not need to be stock members to buy order food.
(Above) Terry minds the beautiful produce. Check out the lemon cucumbers! Don't be afraid to try new things. It's all good for you and your family.

Diana is working like a crazed pony, getting the new healing room ready.
She's rubbing gold paint on over the rough-plastered dark-blue walls.
A Tiffany lamp glows in the white ceiling.
Sue says it will be ready in two weeks.
Jane says "Ha!"
Well, it IS a lot of work, and Diana and Sue are both just slammed, especially Diana's Lighthouse Massage.
(left) The electric fire place. Cozy!