Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chinese Year of the Rabbit 2011

The new Dragon bringing good fortune to the Winter Summer Inn during the Year of the Rabbit Celebrations in Clallam Bay.
The dragon bringing good fortune to the Weel Way Deli. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Clallam Bay Dragon is back -- With A Partner

Sue Heiny and Paul Bowlby model the new dragon

Chinese New Year celebrations in Clallam Bay will begin with a dragon dance and parade through downtown Saturday, February the 5th.

The dance, celebrating the arrival of the year of the Rabbit, begins at 3:00 pm at the Weel Way Deli parking lot, and will continue through local businesses, followed by a potluck at the gallery (the green building on the west end of town) at 4:00 pm. Local band Loose Gravel will provide joyful bluegrass music.

A Rabbit year represents happiness, wealth and longevity. Two new dragons will double the fun, especially if enough participants take part; children are very welcome to come help the dragons dance. Noisemakers and costumes encouraged.

The original dragon, "Pollyanna," had been retired after several years of noble service. The dragon bodies are being made by the kids at the Clallam Bay preschool. The new heads were constructed by Forks artist Greg Hubbard. The silver-haired female dragon-head, "Aurora," and her sparkly-horned purple mate, "Ching Chang," represent the yin/yang or male/female principle.

The heads' construction is based on rebar wire and athletic support tape, a strong, simple and waterproof method that was originated locally by Hubbard, using materials easily obtained locally. The method is being used by other members of the community to construct headdresses and masks for the dance.