Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Drumming Along

We've put in a handsome new stove. Oh, it's so nice and warm! This is on one end of the gallery hall. We have the biggest living room in Clallam Bay.

We've had a drumming instructor here for three classes.

Sue is sitting in a rocking chair and pounding out a samba rhythm by the stove.

Bob Fisher's dad did a very German panel of the characters from Goethe's Faust. Bob also has a panel of the Four Horsemen. Sue calls it the "Panel of the Apocalypse."

The First Annual Plant Show on the 10th was a big hit. In 2008, it will be the Wildflower Show.

The back part of the house is becoming a home. Now Sue's got a bedroom she can lock up with the cat. Yes, Cleo is sticking around -- especially since five pounds of cat food were purchased for her. Drew -- Diana's son -- calls her "Tinkerbell."

"Does Cleo have her own chair?" we were asked.

"Cleo has all the chairs!"

There's an awesome double-paned window waiting to go up in the hall.

"It's a process," says Sue.

Sue's been living in a fifth wheel kindly loaned her by Kathleen Haney. Looks like it will be finding a buyer, soon.

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