Saturday, February 9, 2013

Clallam Bay Dragon - Year of the Snake

The usual nuttiness in Clallam Bay. AND a killer potluck. There are more costumes - and more noise - than ever. Happy Year Of The Snake! Oh, and I just discovered the road to the building where we'll hold the Clallam Bay Comicon is called "The Batman Route." Who knew?

I must say, sometimes I think this town has a case of terminal silliness. MOST people slowed down and honked, while a few people drove by with an obvious "WTF??" on their faces. And it's getting nuttier. If they want to do something fun, they just do it.

The dragon went through every business in town while the owners handed out candy - AND the library. Nobody was safe.
Mark Manning, on Facebook, said, "Towns in the U.S. need more nuttiness like this." 

Here's the film on YouTube: 

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