Monday, July 2, 2007

Fresh Produce, and Crafts

Starting July 4th, the Abundance Fruits and Vegetables market will open at the gallery. 11-6, Wednesday through Sunday.

The produce is being shipped from Seattle, but there will be locally-produced lettuces and greens. We're hoping more people will bring in more produce from the area.

We can't sell eggs or cheese, BUT --

If you want to sell animal products, Wednesdays will be Farmers' Markets, from noon to 7:00. We're looking for local crafts, stuff and food. Vendors will be responsible for their own products, including food. Buyers will have to be aware these are local products, and make their own decisions -- although local eggs and cheese have had a pretty good run as clean, organic and darn tasty.

We're looking for local fresh honey. If you're lucky enough to have those mite-resistant 19th-century Caucasian feral bees that are spreading over the peninsula, this is the market for your sweet product!

Call 360 963 2854 for details.

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