Friday, July 13, 2007

Too Busy for Photos

Nobody remembered to take photos, Wednesday, July 12 at the first Clallam Bay Farmer's Market. We were having too much fun!

A few vendors showed up to enjoy the big low-lit front hall. With the temperature over 90 degrees outside, everybody who came in to visit reacted like vampires -- "Oh, it's so nice and cool and dark in here!"

For sale were potted flowers, fresh produce, quilts and smoked salmon. Not a lot, but everybody enjoyed themselves.

The party got started when Sarah Grafstrom -- Sue's daughter -- showed up to play her guitar. She started out with a great cover of Man Of Constant Sorrow. Sue Zalokar delighted everyone with covers of Janice Joplin and Bread favorites.

Diana went down and jumped in the river. When she told Donna to go jump in the river, too, Donna did it. Nice and cool!

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