Friday, July 20, 2007

Don't Fear The Rain

Okay, so it's raining fit to melt our hair up here.

But that just makes the trees more beautiful! And it's one more reason to come down and feel at home in Clallam Bay's biggest living room.

New feature: Dancercize with Rebecca! 8:00 am, every Thursday. Come get revved up for your day. Get that blood pumping and you won't even feel the rain.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Party Time

Loose Gravel whooped it up for a happy audience in our gallery/front all at Saturday, July 14th, during the 2007 Clallam Bay-Sekiu Fun Days. Members of the bluegrass band include Barney Munger, banjo and vocals; Scott Jameson, mandolin and vocals; Spider Wright, bass and harmonica and Dick Martin, guitar and vocals.
Jane and Terry got out on the dance floor and showed us how they dance Down Under!
A guy from Tacoma showed up looking for another band of the same name that plays blues.
We need blues, rock, and anybody else who wants to come down and party in the biggest living room in Clallam Bay. Remember the number: 360 963 2854. Our audience are good tippers!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Too Busy for Photos

Nobody remembered to take photos, Wednesday, July 12 at the first Clallam Bay Farmer's Market. We were having too much fun!

A few vendors showed up to enjoy the big low-lit front hall. With the temperature over 90 degrees outside, everybody who came in to visit reacted like vampires -- "Oh, it's so nice and cool and dark in here!"

For sale were potted flowers, fresh produce, quilts and smoked salmon. Not a lot, but everybody enjoyed themselves.

The party got started when Sarah Grafstrom -- Sue's daughter -- showed up to play her guitar. She started out with a great cover of Man Of Constant Sorrow. Sue Zalokar delighted everyone with covers of Janice Joplin and Bread favorites.

Diana went down and jumped in the river. When she told Donna to go jump in the river, too, Donna did it. Nice and cool!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Produce Market on the 4th.

Jane Hielman takes payment from a slightly confused Isaac Blanton, while his mother Mary Jane laughs, July 4, 2007.

The new produce market, at the Three Sisters of Clallam Gallery, is open from 11-4, summer 7 days a week. On Wednesdays, the gallery farmer's market is open noon to 7 pm; all local producers welcome. Phone for after-hours pickup or other details: 963 2854.

Organic is coming -- new shipments will be placed according to demand.

Donna here: the watermelon we got was sweet and juicy.

And I told them they'd need more watermelons on the fourth! They were all gone by 11:00.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Produce Lovely

Hi, Donna, here -- (blogmaster for the gallery and produce market).

I was the first customer at the produce market today. Really fresh stuff, and at the best prices in the area.

They only had three watermelons. It's the 4th tomorrow, so I grabbed one. Dan can't eat 'em, but for once I'm going to have enough watermelon to put seeds in my ears -- and share with beach neighbors at Neah Bay Fireworks tomorrow.

They only have two watermelon left, so if you want 'em, GET 'em!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Fresh Produce, and Crafts

Starting July 4th, the Abundance Fruits and Vegetables market will open at the gallery. 11-6, Wednesday through Sunday.

The produce is being shipped from Seattle, but there will be locally-produced lettuces and greens. We're hoping more people will bring in more produce from the area.

We can't sell eggs or cheese, BUT --

If you want to sell animal products, Wednesdays will be Farmers' Markets, from noon to 7:00. We're looking for local crafts, stuff and food. Vendors will be responsible for their own products, including food. Buyers will have to be aware these are local products, and make their own decisions -- although local eggs and cheese have had a pretty good run as clean, organic and darn tasty.

We're looking for local fresh honey. If you're lucky enough to have those mite-resistant 19th-century Caucasian feral bees that are spreading over the peninsula, this is the market for your sweet product!

Call 360 963 2854 for details.